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speakeazy was an internal project meant to close the gap in dialogue between presenter and audience member during company wide meetings.


Week one

With personas, user stories, and a basic user flow in hand, the design team looked at everything from a high level to ensure that we were solving for the right problem and running on as few assumptions as possible before starting wireframes. 

High level flow of two roles within the portal.

High level flow of two roles within the portal.

Then wireframes...

Then visual treatment...



Drum roll...

After five weeks of design and development, our team had the opportunity to present a working demo to the entire company, complete with live audience feedback and Q&A. The demo was really well received. Proud to have worked with a team that handled obstacles and inefficiencies with a collected attitude.


The good old days...

Though I think we as a team did great to deliver within the time frame and given constraints, there's always room for improvement and a few of the things we (the design team) could do better are:

  1. To block out time to create a style guide. We had planned to create one, but never blocked out time. Having a style guide would have made styling decisions for the developers a lot clearer.

  2. To collaborate across teams. Identifying moments to include developers into the conversation would have helped us to better understand whether certain design decisions were more costly for them.

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